In the first quarter of FY23, a record-breaking 2,22,208 units of EV have been sold in the entire country. To put in Comparison 31,315 units of EV had been sold in Q1 of FY22, since then, there has been a Y-o-Y growth of 610%.

Why is Zomato falling so much?

Zomato launched its IPO of ₹9375 Cr at an issue price of ₹72 to ₹76, it was oversubscribed 7.45 times in the retail category and 51.69 times in the QIB category.

Which broker to chose as a beginner to start investing and trading?

As per SEBI, a common man cannot buy or sell stocks directly from stock exchanges, hence they need a DEMAT ACCOUNT to perform any transaction.

What is paper trading and whether beginners should start with paper trading or real trading?

As a beginner to trading, where exactly do we start from and what do we do? This question is asked by many people who want to start their trading journey but do not know the path or do not receive any guidance. First, trading can be done in two ways mainly, one is paper trading and the other is real trading. Let’s talk about paper trading first.

What is the impact of the depreciating rupee on the stock market ?

As on 18th July 2022 , the rupee has depreciated to a record 79.88 against the USD implying that rupee has become less valuable and weaker against the dollar. But the question arises how does this fall is impacting our Indian stock market. Let’s understand what is currency depreciation? Currency depreciation is a fall in the value […]

What is the logic behind the valuation of stocks?

Let me explain the concept of stock market with the simplest example. We all have been to vegetable market (sabji mandi) once in our life. Stock market is just like this market, the difference is people do buying and selling of stocks in former.

What is history of stock market?

A deep history in India
Security trading in India goes back to the 18th century when the East India Company began trading in loan securities. Corporate shares started being traded in the 1830s in Bombay (now Mumbai) with the stock of Bank and Cotton presses. The simple and informal beginnings of stock exchanges in India take one back to the 1850s when 22 stockbrokers began trading opposite the Town Hall of Bombay under a banyan tree. The tree still stands in the area which is now known as Horniman Circle.

What are some negative aspects of investing in the stock market that people avoid talking about?

Higher Risks attached with returns: Investment in stock market is subjected to many risks since the market is volatile. Your heart races every time the market falls. The share price of a company goes up and comes down so many times in just a single day